Customised timber decking designs

Whether it’s an area for that barbecue or a just a nice spot to relax and soak up that sunshine, Future Design Landscaping Ltd have the know how and the tools to craft that perfect set of decking. We can provide extra entertainment space for restaurant, bars and homes through our decking service. We serve customers in Surbiton and across Surrey. We can provide customised designs to suit your needs and we can also provide indoor and outdoor lighting for your premises at affordable prices. Decking is one of the most common customer orders and blends seamlessly with any style of any garden. Whether you want it as an accent in the middle, in a corner or raised on the second floor. With stairs or without, with a fence rails or just as a path, we have the task to realise your ideas. Speak to our team of expert professionals to discuss your requirements.

Here’s what we can offer: